Community Care


Community Care

As we advocate, connect, and convene with our most vulnerable communities we seek to develop and steward our young people to actively participate in leadership, education and community issues.

Strengthening our community by increasing the number of Latino Leaders that serve our communities through civic leadership.

Now accepting applications for our next cohort beginning January 2023.

Application Deadline: November 18, 2022

To learn more, visit our Latino Leadership Initiative page.


Hispanic Youth Leadership Council

The Hispanic Youth Leadership Council (HYLC) is dedicated to empower the Hispanic community to actively participate in leadership, education and community issues, through active partnerships with private and public business and educational organizations. We are made up of 26 High Schools, 1 Junior High and various HYLC clubs in the Central Valley of California.

CMN Leadership Academy

Grounded by a Biblical perspective the Leadership Series will take you and a small cohort through a program that involves training from experienced practitioners then directly applying those concepts in your community. Each element of the program is based on a solid foundation of established theory and practice from those who have made a significant impact in urban poor neighborhoods. To learn more, visit our CMN Leadership Academy page.