Get Connected


We were meant for community. Get connected to a group of neighbors working to make a difference.


Catalyst is a monthly gathering of leaders and influencers in the Modesto area who believe we can make the biggest difference in our community by collaborating together.


Pastor Connect

Pastor Connect is a space for leaders of congregations to enjoy a time of fellowship, mutual support and collaborative relationships through sharing a meal together.

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Catalyst Next

Catalyst Next is a gathering of community-minded individuals who are discussing and exploring various opportunities to make our community a better place to live, work & play.


Recovery Modesto

A gathering to build relationships, collaboration, shared hearts and vision around our mission to have a Christ-centered recovery group within walking distance of every neighborhood in Modesto.


Between the Summits

Between the Summits is a gathering of influencers in our community who connect for accountability and a deeper investment toward personal development by leveraging material from the Global Leadership Summit.

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