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Get Connected


We were meant for community. Get connected to a group of neighbors working to make a difference.



Catalyst is a monthly gathering of leaders and influencers within Stanislaus County who believe we can make the biggest difference in our community by building trusting relationships and working together. We welcome all who are willing to come and contribute to the health and well-being of the community. Catalyst provides a relational connecting point for our diverse leadership.


The Neighborhood-Centric Church

We seek to reflect the love of God by being in the neighborhood for the neighborhood. By listening, learning and pursuing the wellbeing of the South Modesto Community. we strive to create space to foster life transformation by strengthening individual’s skills in relational apprenticeship, and discipleship, through Community Capacity Building.


Community Care

As we advocate, connect, and convene with our most vulnerable communities we seek to develop and steward our young people to actively participate in leadership, education and community issues.


Pastor Connect

Pastor Connect is an opportunity for us to provide support and encouragement to our local Pastors and Faith Leaders through a neighborhood-centric philosophy of ministry.


Youth Empowerment

Youth Empowerment is a process both for youth and adults to create safe, meaningful, supportive spaces for youth to lead and be partners in creating change across Stanislaus County.

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