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Our Mission

Motivated by God’s love, CMN exists to listen to and advocate for our most vulnerable communities, connecting community and sector leaders to work collaboratively for maximum effect, so that all families can thrive.

Our Vision

To see our city become a good, safe place for all in which to grow up and to grow old. (Zechariah 8:4-5)

Our Values

  • We seek out thoughtful input and listen intently, culturally competent and respectful, honoring the perspective and experience of the communities we serve, believing wisdom and solutions are “in the room.” (Be a Listener)

  • We prioritize prayer, “following the Wild Goose,” not walking ahead of God (Be in Prayer)

  • We are servant leaders who support the success of others, putting the people we serve and their needs above our own, not holding tightly to our position. (Be a Humble Leader)

  • We seek out the “person of peace” in each sector and community, raising leaders from the neighborhood for the neighborhood and investing in them to multiply efforts. (Be a Multiplier)

  • We encourage each other, build unity and camaraderie, working through disagreements efficiently. (Build Kinship)

  • We foster ownership in CMN staff, empowering them to use their gifts and calling in innovative ways, and make decisions in their role that further the ministry. (Be Courageous)

Our Strategy: Advocate. Connect. Convene. Develop. Steward. 


Advocate (Amplify) on behalf of others

  • Listen Intentionally – to the community, to those on the margins, to the small voice, to the Spirit.

  • Pray/Be Discerning – regarding which issues to amplify or advocate for.

  • Act Intentionally – thoughtfully engage key sectors around issues of inequity.​

Connect (Partner) in order to reduce duplication of efforts

  • Bring together leaders to build relationships for the purpose of potentially working together.

  • Confirm who is already seeking to address an issue of inequity & connect them to resources from other sectors.

  • If there is more than one group seeking to address and issue, we encourage partnership to align their efforts.

Convene – create new focus groups to address ignored issues

  • Assemble community leaders, stakeholders, and key sectors to focus on an issue that hasn’t yet been addressed or addressed effectively.

  • Stay engaged until the group can carry the project forward on its own.

Develop – provide support for leaders within our community

  • Proving support for generationally vulnerable areas - so they can “have a seat at the decision-making table” to address issues and collaborate with sector leaders directly.

  • Supporting different sectors - government, business, faith, non-profits, education, etc. - so that all are receiving the support needed in order to better collaborate with others.

Steward – handle our resources responsibly

  • Tell the bigger “story” of CMN often so that we engage even more sectors to participate in what we are seeking to achieve.

  • Right-size the number of projects, staff and funding so that we can optimize what we are able to achieve.

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