Latino Leadership Initiative

About Latino Leadership Initiative

Strengthening our community by increasing the number of Latino Leaders that serve our communities through civic leadership.


Latinos will soon be a significant majority in the Central Valley with that in mind the LLI seeks to increase the core competencies of emerging Latino civic servants open to growth, change, collaboration, and deep community engagement. The Latino Leadership Initiative will take you and a small cohort through a program that involves training from experienced practitioners directly applying those concepts within our community. 


Upon completion, you will be well equipped with the necessary resources, insights, and skills for properly engaging with those within your field of interest in serving our community.

Skill Enhancement Components:

•          Community Capacity Building

•          Core Competencies of Civic Leadership

•          Understanding Diverse Leadership Methods

•          Developing a Mentorship Relationship

•          Self-Assessment

•          Resource Networking

•          The Value of Budgeting

•          Boards, Commissions and Committees

Registration for our Fall 2021 Cohort has Begun!

Application Deadline: November 19, 2021


To enroll or to learn more email John Torres at: or call (209) 324-7493.

In partnership with: Latino Community Foundation, Modesto Junior College, Stanislaus State, Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, Hispanic Leadership Council of Stanislaus County.



“Being a part of the LLI cohort has shown me how some 'weaknesses' are actually strengths when you understand them. I am excited for whatever else is to come.”

—  Nico S.